Infact the Heaven Landed Down on Earth by the Construction of Jambudweep


In the year 1980, Sahu Shri Ashok Kumar Jain along with his family laid down the foundation stone of Jambudweep. Gradually, smaller units were constructed one by one and after 5 years, the whole model took the final shape depicting the Jain Geography. In the meantime, by the inspiration of Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji, Sansthan got the Chariot ‘Jambudweep Gyan Jyoti’ inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi from the Red Fort ground-Delhi for all India tour on 4th June 1982. This Chariot traveled the whole country for 1045 days and preached the principles of Jain Geography, Non-violence, moral-upliftment, freedom from vices etc. Later, when Gyan Jyoti Rath reached Hastinapur on 28th April 1985, Shri P.V. Narsimharao, the then Defence Minister of the Indian Government, established it there permanently as ‘Akhand Gyan Jyoti’.

At that occasion, Sansthan organized ‘Jambudweep Jinbimb Pratishthapna (consecration) Mahotsava’ from 28th April to 2nd May 1985. In this Mahotsava, 205 Jin-idols were consecrated along with the Mahamastakabhishek on Sumeru Mountain by lacs of people (who donated in Gyan Jyoti or
assisted economically in other ways) from all over the country. For the Mahamastakabhishek, a huge and attractive loft (Machan) was built from the ground level upto the height of the Sumeru Mountain by the assistance of U.P. Government. At that time, such a crowd was seen at Hastinapur as deities from heaven had come on the earth again.
During that Mahotsava, an international seminar on ‘Jain Mathematics and Cosmology’ was also organized by the Sansthan in the joint collaboration of Meerut University. The then Chief Minister of U.P. Shri Narayan Dutt Tiwari also completed his responsibility well in providing the Governmental assistance in
the form of road, electricity, water, transport etc. for the convenience of all the pilgrims.

After that also, U.P. Government has assisted in every possible way till today. A number of provincial and central leaders come to this pious pilgrimage at different times and feel dignified.